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The 9th China international pension and rehabilitation medical fair opened in Shanghai
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On May 26, the ninth China international pension and rehabilitation medical fair in Shanghai world expo exhibition center. Xinmin network reporter beat camp after see, fair, a batch of new and high science and technology will be beneficial to the realization of individual needs of the elderly, the disabled product focus, convey to the elderly, the disabled needs to explore ideas life in the future.

Don't change diaper change? Red, orange, yellow, three color marker tipsFor many bedridden elderly, adult diapers has become necessities. However, when used in the traditional adult diapers, nurses must continually, check regularly, to determine whether diapers need to change, to ensure that the old man in bed comfortable and clean.But, in fact, this time view, to a certain extent, but also to bed cause discomfort and pain. So, can you have diapers to "tell" whether need to change? Xinmin network reporter saw in the fair, a new type of induction type diapers can achieve this vision:"We're in diapers bottom film printing ink, carbon when diapers in the wet state, ink form a loop, namely degree of wet diapers feedback to monitor." Staff told reporters that the display will be according to the different wet feedback, flashing yellow, orange, red trichromatic, "when reached the extent of the need to change the new diapers, display the rapid flashing red lights and sound an alarm."In addition, by edge is placed at the bottom of the diapers playmaker induction, the nursing staff need to check the wet, just put the wet sensors or mobile phone in diapers lightly across, about 10 cm above the sensor or the phone will automatically induction and display the state of wet diapers, "greatly reduce the workload of nursing staff, and to reduce the frequent checks whether wet on the quality of the victim rest." According to the new diapers has reached the last part of the research and development, in the first half of next year is expected to enter the domestic market, "the difference between cost and now the diapers will not be too big."

Bone surgery change? 3 d printing personalizationAnd can automatically prompt whether need to replace the induction of diapers, xinmin network reporter saw, also is to use high and new technology of 3 d printers, the exhibition for the first time."For a lot of the old man, a fracture may be a major turning point in the quality of life." Xinmin network reporter learned that, for the elderly, easy to cause bone necrosis after fracture, and once necrosis, probably means that the sharp decline in the quality of life, "but if through 3 d biotechnology, printing of biological bone necrosis bone replacement can be realized with the human body, almost the same, even the same containing space inside, for.cause cells and blood vessels, to help the old man" reborn "."Reporter saw, in the 3 d printer stand, is showing some printed body organs such as bone, ears. According to introducing, the 3 d printing adopts micro voltage injection technology, successfully solved the biological scaffold materials, gradient and cell survival required precision of microporous structure, using aseptic thermostatic device control temperature, can not only make the scaffold material curing, and can guarantee the cell survival rate.

At the same time, every person's body structure is different, even the same bone lesions, is also each are not identical, therefore, through 3 d printing technology can realize the personalized bone products, medical effect is greatly increased. In addition, compared with the traditional manufacturing technology, the "cost" is the biggest barriers to 3 d printing market breakthrough. But in the field of medicine, biological print personalized 3 d bone, the cost of the product there is a difference with mass printing costs. That is to say, the doctor can use low price before surgery in print "obligated", simulating fencing drills, greatly improve the success rate of surgery, while with the development of 3 d biological printing technology, completely available to print to replace sick body organs, make organ transplant "cheap".

Action is not convenient? Machine hand held you independent shiftIn addition to 3 d biotechnology, personalised bone products for the elderly, to achieve "reborn", for some have disabled old man, with the help of high-tech, as well as be able to get more freedom, integrated into the society to the greatest extent, free life:, reporter saw at the fair, the only can be realized by caregivers a global arms shift system of shifting the freedom to let a person shine at the moment.According to introducing, this system consist of holding hands and rail systems, the unique design of the structure can make the machine hand hold hand imitate manpower, easy to carry picked up disabled old man; Then, the machine hand through set up on the ceiling or other parts of a light rail to move, right to the specified destination."This pair of machine hand, not only in speed is faster than conventional sling shift system, also can keep the old man's hip and back completely free." Staff told reporters that in the double "machine hand" with the help of disabled old man can directly using the toilet, change diapers, and even take a shower.

In addition, a old man wearing type watch phone also is a free independent life "escort". Reporter saw, the ShouBiaoShi phone will health management, the movement to protect, life care, emergency relief, and other functions into an organic whole, real-time detection of the wearer's health data, such as pulse, temperature always keep the wearer's body circumstance, and at a critical moment to provide emergency services such as localization, alarm, doctor. (xin)

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