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The super anti-pollution uniform test Water &oil repellent antivirus bacteriostasis to do diapers
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According to the us army times website reported on October 17, the U.S. army is testing it has strong ability to resist pollution of uniforms.

Reported that the army researchers have developed a non-stick, anti-pollution, also can inhibit odor of coating, let saves on the washing uniforms of the soldiers, and before the coating used in combat dress, will the commercialisation.

Army researchers, says this is "resist everything" coating will by giada international companies and domestic Aztec troops and equipment research and development center of luna innovation company common development partners

According to the report, this kind of coating has a wide range of commercial application prospect, can be used in rain gear, diapers and notes, and other products.Giada international company production of video display, this kind of coating to resist stains, such as tomato sauce and chocolate sauce on the white fabric sample without leaving traces of these foods.Earlier this year, the report said, Kansas fort riley 10 soldiers wearing USES the "resist everything" uniform coating, attended the researchers say the "war on physical training" and several kilometers of road march, guns only operation training, weapons, vehicle maintenance, even jumping. Goal is to make uniform and dirt, sweat and oil well to an intimate contact.

Test result, compared with the uniform control group without the special coating, all kinds of liquid from coating roll down a uniform more ideal situation, and this "resist everything" protective coating than the army use another kind of coating is more resistant to water.Researchers said, the soldiers are very like this kind of combat gear, after fulfilling the field test, and some military hopes this set of uniforms.Face more requirements on r&d but don't let soldiers may soon have the uniform.Aztec troops and equipment research and development center in the officials added new coating is not clear when can combat dress formally put into use. According to yahoo! News reports in 2013, it is likely to be in "after many years". A spokesman of the center said, you also need to do the test on the fabrics of different material, and want to see this kind of coating after fire and insect repellent treatment.After remove all obstacles, soldiers is supposed to wear this uniform:Anti-fouling quickly. This coating can make liquid chemicals, such as water, oil and small particles such as dust and dirt can slide. This provides the soldier another layer of protection against toxic chemicals, a toxic substance not through uniform comes into contact with the skin.Reduce the odor. No stain on combat dress does not mean that it smells like freshly washed. However, this kind of coating added to prevent bacterial growth material, let the smell caused by slowing down of the growth of microorganisms, thereby reduce the frequency of cleaning.Environmental protection. Currently used durable waterproofing coating used in army uniforms for 40 years. But durable waterproof coating is gradually eliminated by the U.S. environmental protection agency (epa), and "resist everything" coating provides a recognised by the environmental protection agency (epa) solution. The future may not containing fluorine coating, thus more environmentally friendly.Contains all of the advantages of this new type of coating layer on cost and the army currently in use, even lower.

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